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About Us

My name is Terry Lecane and I am the owner of Healthy Days Health Stores. In 2001 I came across a very small retail unit (200sq) and pondered as to what I could put into this small space that could be a successful and a viable business? I travelled to all the surrounding shopping centres to discover the only smaller scale shops were indeed Health Stores! It was here the concept of Healthy Days was born, and although I had no knowledge of this industry (I had never even taken a multivitamin ) I looked at it as a “minor detail” and a” major challenge” and I loved a challenge. On the June bank holiday weekend in 2001 Healthy Days opened its first store. I continued working at my full-time job as a Sales Representative at this time and employed three staff members with knowledge and experience to work in the store. During all my spare time I worked alongside the girls, attending any training that was made available to me at the time to gain as much knowledge of this industry as I could.

It became clear to me after the first year that I wanted to commit more time to Healthy Days and so I left my full time Sales job and went into Healthy Days full time. Two and half years passed and with a huge passion for the Industry and with the growth of the Health Food Industry Healthy Days expanded and opened another store in the Douglas Village Shopping Centre in 2004. We had the luxury of a much bigger space in Douglas which enabled us to explore other areas within the industry increasing our range to include organic skin care, holistic and spiritual gifts, refill options and expanding our fair trade section within the health store. In 2005 Healthy Days opened its doors in Midleton in the brand new Market Green Shopping Centre. It was amazing to be one of the original stores in Market Green Shopping Centre. My love and passion for the Health Store had grown so much over the years, as did my family ! and so it became difficult for me to travel between 3 stores so in 2006 Healthy Days in Carrigaline was sold to one of my long standing employees and she continued to remain as a Health store for a further 10 years.

Healthy Days has continued to grow and in 2016 once again we expanded and opened our doors in the Bandon Shopping centre . Healthy Days now employs 12 staff and we work so well as a team and has become home to all of us. We are proud to have nutritionists, homeopaths, herbalists and scientists as part of our family over the years. We are dedicated and committed to helping our customers achieve their nutritional needs and health goals. We love the diversity of what Healthy Days offer.

In a nutshell I love what I do and I am so proud of all my staff as currently they have worked so hard in the front line and without hesitation during these most challenging times of Covid19. Thank you for taking the time out to read my intro to Healthy Days and we hope you become a regular visitor to our stores and our new online store.